Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catania Tropea Lipari Palermo

My next crew Shirani and Kurt arrived August 4th 2012 evening, and we went to the fishmarket for the traditional dinner at Osteria Antica. Next morning we sailed north to Taormina and anchored again south of the railway station. From Taormina we sailed north tacking through Messina Strait and finally moored at a bouy near the harbor of Scilla and visited impressive Castello Ruffo. 

Next day we continued further north, rounded Capo Vaticano and moored at Tropea Marina. In the evening we climbed up to the old City and enjoyed the medieval buildings, bought the famous red onions, and had a late and traditional dinner at Osteria del Pescatore. On August 8th with weak northerly winds we sailed west to Stromboli, where we looked at the vulcano late at night and anchored as usual northeast of the village. Next day we sailed via a swimming-stop at Panarea to Lipari, where we anchored south of the city, visited the castle, and had dinner at Kasbah. In the morning we continued to Vulcano, and moored at Marina Nautico Levante. 

Late afternoon we climbed up to the crater, smelled sulfur, and looked over all Aeolian Islands from the summit. I ruined my boots on the hot surface, but made it back to our boat finally. On July 11th we sailed southeast to Milazzo and moored at Marina Nettuno, where my old crew left and my daughter Sophie came on board and we had a welcome dinner at Al Bagatto. 

Next day westerly winds brought us back to Stromboli, where we joined an excursion to the summit of the vulcano in the evening. After a 4 hours climb we looked down in the glowing crater, experienced smashing explosions and rains of vulcanic ash. Climbing down through fields of ash, which was like skiing in snow, we arrived on board after midnight. We motored to our usual viewing place at the foot of Sciara del Fueco and enjoyed some more explosions with a good glas of Nero d'Avola. After some sleep at anchor north of Stromboli village we spent a day of rest at anchor in Zimari Bay south of Panarea. 

After sunset we anchored east of Marina Corta, Lipari and had a good dinner at Kasbah. Early on August 16th we sailed west to Palermo and spent the night at anchor in Mondello Bay. Next day afternoon we moored in Palermo at SalPancore and had dinner at Cibus, 

After a day visiting the markets and sights of Palermo we waited for two more crew-members to continue our cruise.

This cruise took 13 days with 83 hours sailing a distance of 375sm. You may download our track in gpx-format or view it directly on Google Maps.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family cruise Licata to Catania clockwise

On July 14th 2012 with nice weather and some northerly wind my wife and I started early and sailed to the nice people from Lega Navale in Sciacca, where we had dinner at Grapellini. Next day brought us to Mazzarro di Vallo and again we were guests of the local Lega Navale crew. All local people where at a important religious processione and we moved with them to our very good dinner at La Bettola. 

Next morning we visited many local cultural sites in Mazzarro di Vallo and then went to our quiet anchor place south of Favignana, Tremity Islands. 

Next day sailing west to Marettimo in strong northerly winds the head of our genua broke. So we set course to Trapani harbor, were we moored at Trapani Boat Service to meet a sailmaker. Sig. Nicola Lombardo repaired it in one day and his wife climbed into the mast to help us to hoist the genua again. 

In the meantime we visited Erice by cable car, enjoyed the beatiful buildings in Trapani, and had 2 remarkable dinners at Al Solito Posto and Caupona Tarverna.
On July 19th we sailed northeast to Terrassini harbor, where the Guardia Costiera forced us in strong winds away from our nice anchor place to moor at a dirty old footbridge and pay a mooring fee of 60 Eur. Next day we sailed early to Mondelo Bay north of Palermo and a long good swim in clear water and strong current. In the evening we motored to La Cala, the city harbor of Palermo, where we had a secure mooring place at SalPancore. 

Late at night my son Matthias and his girlfriend Isabella arrived to join us for the next eight days. After a day full of sightseeing in Palermo and nice dinner at Cibus we continued to Cefalu, where we moored in the easterly harbor in a strong thunderstorm.

On July 24th we sailed northeast to the Aeolian Islands. South of Filicudi a group of dolphins joined us for a while. After some more hours we anchored south of the harbor of Salina, where we had a nice evening walk and a good seafood dinner at nniLausta. Next morning we went to Panarea and anchored in Baja Milazzese and had a lazy swim. At midnight we set sail further northeast to Stromboli, where we enjoyed the explosions of the vulcano north of Sciara del Fueco around midnight. After getting some sleep at anchor northeast Stromboli we continued south first to Basiluzzo and then Dattilo, where we had a nice swim, regardless of some small medusa.

In the evening we moored at Marine Service in Lipari and had extraordinary pizza at La Cambusa. Next morning we visited Lipari town, bought some fresh food, bunkered diesel and then continued to Vulcano Porto Levante. After visiting the sulfur baths we continued south and spent the night anchoring east of of Capo Gelso. 

 Next morning we sailed southeast thru Messina strait and moored at Marina Nettuno We visited Messina and had dinner at Osteria del Campanile. Early next morning Isabella and Matthias left us to catch a plane from Catania back to Vienna. 

My wife and I sailed in light northerly winds to Taormina, where we anchored near the railway station. After visiting Theatro Graeco and the beatiful churches of Taormina we enjoyed an extraordinary dinner at Al Doumo. Next day we continued under strong winds to Marina Riposto. 

On July 31st we sailed further south to Aci Trezza, where we anchored southwest of Isole Cyclopi and celebrated my birthday with a homemade risotto on board. 

Next day we continued south to Syracusa, where we visited the famous Roman Ruins, Amphitheatro Graeco, the Ear of Dionysius, and Ortiega, the old City where we had fabolous pasta at Sicilia in Tavola. Next day we went north again, spent the night at anchor in Brucoli Bay and finally went to Catania harbor, where we moored at Diporto Nautico Etneo. 

After a incredible 12-course fish dinner at Tre Bocche my wife went to Catania airport to fly home next morning and I waited for my next crew.

This cruise took 19 days with 76 hours sailing a distance of 550sm. You may download our track in gpx-format or view it directly on Google Maps.