Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Short Cruise to Classical Italy

For some serious sailing I started with my old sailing companion Kurt from Cres Marina to Pula on Monday May 15th 2017. We visited some sites in Pula and ate Pljeskavica and pizza at Konoba Jupiter. Next day we went to the market for some fresh fish and vegetables, and did some sightseeing visiting the famous arena and the impressive fort.

In the afternoon we declared exit at Pula customs and sailed through the night with nice northeasterly winds to Rimini, where we moored in the marina early morning.

After a refreshing stroll at the beach we went to the city center across Ponte d’Tiberio and visited many historical buildings. A very good fish dinner we had at Osteria delle Storie di Mare.

Next morning we sailed to Ravenna, where we moored in the marina and took a bus to the center. We visited all the famous sites like Appolinaire in Classe, Douomo e Battisterio Neoniano, Basilica di San Vitale, etc. Dinner we enjoyed at Riesling Griglia e Cucina in Marina di Ravenna.

Early morning at 5:30 am we left Ravenna for the long sail north along the Po delta to Chioggia, where we moored in Darsena di Saline and had an inspiring dinner at La Taverna. With heavy rain we sailed inside the laguna thru shallow but navigable Canale di Pellestrina and Canale di Malamocco right to Piazza di San Marco where we moored at Compagnia di Vela south of San Giorgio Maggiore around noon on May 20th.

The next two days we spent with intense sightseeing and heavy walking using a very convenient ACTV two days ticket on the vaporetto. Fabulous food we found at Al Storico da Crea, Al Timon, and Osteria Al Squero.

After the obligatory visit to Basilica di San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale we left Venice through Porto di Lido heading for Novigrad, where we declared entry to Croatia. We spent the night at anchor in Uvala Mirna. Next day we sailed south along the coast of Istria, looked at Rovinj which looked like a forbidding construction area at that time.

In the afternoon we passed Hrid Porer, crossed the Kvarner with nice northeasterly winds and finally spent a quiet night at anchor in the west bay of Otok Zeca. On Wednesday 24th we returned to Cres Marina, where our nice trip ended after we enjoyed a traditional lamb dinner at Konoba Bukaleta.

We sailed 66h and logged 340sm in 9 days.

You may download our track in gpx-format
or view it directly on GoogleMaps.

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