Friday, June 26, 2020

Late Start into the Sailing Season

Due to the Corona Virus I had to postpone maintenance work on S/Y Sea of Joy 4 times. Until June 16th, 2020 it was just not possible to travel to Italy because of excessive measures of the Austrian Government. They wanted to keep all inhabitants in Austria to increase tourism revenues, violating the European Right to Travel freely. (see my Corona-blog in German).

Marina Stella is located in the river Stella in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the ratio of new infections per inhabitants was way lower than for instance in Vienna, Austria in June.

Finally on Monday, 22nd I started the engine and motored 2 miles upstream to Marina Stella Shipyard
My boat was lifted gently by my skilled friend Luca operating a 100 ton travellift assisted by the reliable mechanic Erwin.

He cleaned the hull thoroughly and next day after drying artful painter Andrea applied a layer of antifouling Trilux 33 to the clean hull.

 On Wednesday I checked all seacocks, anodes, and repaired a wire for the electric toilet. The MaxProp propeller was greased, antifreeze was checked and motor oil and filters were changed. Thursday noon Sea of Joy was lifted back into the river Stella and I moored her back at her usual place in Marina Stella Porto Titiano.

I was happy to find that most good restaurants are fully open again, for example:
Ristorante Cigno

On Friday, June 26th, I cleaned off the long winter's dirt and now S/Y Sea of Joy is ready for the new sailing season.

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