Saturday, July 17, 2021

Short Cruise to Venice in a Temporary Corona Low

A short look at the current Corona situation in the northern Adriatic told me: it's time to sail! So my next crew arrived in Marina Stella on Friday, 9th July 2021: my sister Gabriela, her friend Herbert and my nephew Nikolaus. On Saturday we bunkered food and drinks, had a nice traditional dinner at  Al Cacciatore. Sunday we left Marina Stella 2 hours before high tide and took course to Venice. With nice southwesterly winds against us we first motored and then had to tack. In the evening we entered the Venetian lagoon through Porto Lido and anchored finally in Canale San Felice in a quiet and beautiful space. We roasted a nice Bistecca alla Fiorentina with potatoes and salads on the side.

Next morning we motored to Burano, Murano, San Michele, took a left turn at Fondamente Nove, continued to St.Elena and via Giardini we finally reached San Marc's Square and moored at a beautiful spot in Compagnia della Vela at Isola San Giorgio Maggiore. The very nice marinero helped us with the lines an than we had a rather unfriendly welcome by the new appointed Swiss manager. Anyway we enjoyed the nice view for the next 2 days and explored Venice in detail: We took the Vaporetto for a lot of trips, had some tasty Cicchetti at Al Squero, visited the old Jewish Ghetto and a lot of churches on the way, returned to Piazza San Marco with a stop at Gelato Fantasy

In the evening we had a delightful dinner at Al Giardinetto Da Severino: Sarde in Saor, Pasta con Grancchio, Sogliola Meuniere, grilled Seppioline. Early next day we visited Mercati di Rialto, had some Cornetti at Farini and spent some hours with wonderful paintings in Galleria Accademia. For refreshment we had some exceptional Tramezzini at Bar alla Toletta and then we took the trip via Arsenale to the famous statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni and visited Basilica dei santi Giovanni e Paolo. We took the Vaporetto to the cemetery of San Michele. Dinner was at al Storia di Crea, with a nice view over the lagoon, but not as good as in the last years. In the night we experienced some lightning and thunder. Apart from wearing masks in museums, restaurants, shops and vaporetti we experienced no Corona-based constraints whatever. 

On Wednesday 14th we left Venice via Porto Lido with some westerly winds and a remarkable swell. When the wind eased away we motored into Laguna di Marano and anchored at our favorite place. We cooked gnocchi with roasted vegetables and parmigiano and enjoyed a quiet night. At noon next day we motored through canale Cialisia and finally moored in Marina Stella. We celebrated our cruise at Al Pescatore with a sumptuous fish dinner with roasted mussels, Spaghetti Vongole, Anguilla and Rombo.



We sailed 21h and logged 113sm in 5 days. You may download our track in gpx-format or view it directly on GoogleMaps

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