Saturday, July 29, 2017

Enjoying Croatian Waters

After Josip from Marizo Cres mounted three new hydraulic tubes for our autopilot and refuelling our tanks we left Cres marina on Tuesday 18th July afternoon for a quiet night at anchor in Uvala Nedomisje. My grandson Jonas with his parents Isa and Matthias enjoyed his first swim next morning and then we sailed south to Martinscica harbor, where we moored at the town quay and met Anna, a friend of Jonas, and her parents. We had a nice dinner at Gostionica Koralj. Next day we took Anna and her parents on a short cruise to the west bay of Otok Zeca for a long swim. In the evening we attended a barbecue party at Anna's holiday home.

Friday 21st we sailed south to Otok Susak, where we took a buoy and spent a sunny day swimming. Next day we sailed to Luka Krivica, where we anchored and took a line to the narrow shore. There we spent two more leisure days in clear waters.

On Monday 24th weather forecast announced some thunderstorms, so we tried to get a mooring place in Mali Losinj, but at noon the harbor had not one free place.

So we sailed with nice southerly winds further north to Uvala Ustrine, where we anchored securely in the north bay. In the evening a heavy thunderstorm arrived as forecasted. A motoryacht with dragging anchor crashed into our boat, but besides a bent railing stanchion nothing was damaged. For the next two days we enjoyed swimming in this beautiful bay and finally went back to Cres marina where we celebrated this leisurely cruise with a fine fish dinner at Restaurant Riva.

We sailed 25h and logged 102sm in 9 days.

You may download our track in gpx-format
or view it directly on GoogleMaps.

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